PP Green

20-200 mm

System KAN-therm PP Green is a complete installation system consisting of pipes and fittings made of thermoplastic polypropylene PP-R (type 3) with a diameter range of 20-110mm and beta polypropylene copolymer PP-RCT with a diameter range of 125-200mm.

The system is designed for indoor water supply installations (hot and cold tap water), heating and cooling installations and technological installations in the industry. Due to its properties and the assembly method, the system is ideal for multi-family housing buildings, various types of renovations or complete replacements of old installations.


Versatility of applications.

An extensive offer of polypropylene elements makes it possible to apply System KAN-therm PP Green in nearly all types of installations, beginning with central heating, through hot and cold tap water installations and compressed air installations, to special installations designed to transport aggressive media and technological installations.

Wide pipe range.

Various pipe structures in System KAN-therm PP Green range provide multiple possibilities in terms of assembly:

  • Uniform PP pipes are available in range PN 16/S3,2 (SDR7,4) and PN 20/S2,5 (SDR6),
  • PP Stabi pipes, where aluminium foil is used to strengthen the pipe, are available in the range PN 20/S2,5 (SDR6),
  • PP Glass pipes with a layer of glass fibre are available in the range PN 16/S3,2 (SDR7,4) and PN 20/S2,5 (SDR6).
  • Advantages of System KAN-therm PP Green:

    • application versatility
    • high durability and safety of connections
    • high resistance to installation errors
    • possibility of covering connections in building partitions
    • easy assembly
    • resistance to corrosion
    • optimised hydraulics
    • compatibility with other KAN-therm systems
    • no additional sealing
    • total neutrality towards drinking water

    Durable connections.

    Thanks to using the "hot" assembly method (polyfusion welding), the connections are characterised by material homogeneity and high mechanical resistance. No additional sealing further eliminate the risk of assembly errors. The construction material used - random polypropylene copolymer (PP-R) is characterised by resistance to a wide range of chemicals.

    Optimal hydraulics.

    Specially modified structure of System KAN-therm PP Green fittings eliminates excessive impact of the material in the pipe and fitting connection. This solution made it possible to minimise the risk of blocking the cross-section during assembly. Another important feature of fittings in System KAN-therm PP Green is the absence of bottlenecks, which contributes to minimizing pressure loss in the entire installation.

    Highest quality guaranteed.

    The quality of pipes and fittings manufactured by KAN is controlled in the company’s own, perfectly equipped research & development laboratory, and the results obtained there are honoured by leading European bodies, such as PZH, DVGW, CSTB and many more. Modern, professional measuring equipment makes it possible to monitor the production processes continuously and test the technical parameters of pipes and fittings of System KAN-therm PP Green. Manufactured pipes and fittings are also controlled by external laboratories, which allows for maintaining the quality of products at the highest world level all the time.

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